Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Whole New Light

A Whole New Light
A Whole New Light - Sandra Brown
212 pages
Rating: 3/5

Cyn McCall knew she could always count on her late husband's friend and business partner, Worth Lansing. He could make her laugh and forget her problems. She could tease him about his many romantic entanglements. The last thing Cyn expected was to find herself longing for a man who could never settle down.
My Thoughts:
This book was my first from author Sandra Brown.  And I was pleasantly pleased to have found a new romance author.  This novel was a light-hearted romance that I finished in a couple of hours.  It did not have any major weight of issues within, and it provided a great escape into a fun story.

The basic story revolves around Cyn and Worth, best friends from college back when Cyn was dating, then married, Worth's best friend Tim.  The three friends seemed to do everything together, and Cyn and Worth's friendship continued on and grew stronger after Tim's death.  When Worth convinces Cyn to take a spontaneous trip with him to Mexico (originally a romantic weekend planned by one of the many girlfriends), they start seeing each other as "the opposite sex" instead of "my best friend."  The book covers their trip to Mexico and how their relationship changes once they are back.

I enjoyed this fun romance.  It was a fun read and exactly the light-hearted escape that I was looking for.  Brown did not go very far into the emotional issues that could have been present (death, mourning, moving on, etc.).  Instead, the book is humorous and fun.  The characters are basically developed, but I did not feel a great emotional connection with them.  I read the book fast, and I did not spend a whole lot of time analyzing character development or plot twists.  The book is mostly driven by the storyline and the humor between the two main characters.  The plot is predictable, but the enjoyment of reading is present in how the characters come to their senses.

I gave it a 3/5 because I enjoyed it, but like many other fun romances, there was nothing spectacular to stand out.  It was fun, I laughed, but I may not remember the basic plot in 10 years.  I recommend it to all chick-lit and romance readers who are looking for a fun and laugh-filled couple of hours.

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