Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dewey's Read-a-thon: Hours 2 and 3

Since I didn't post between 9 am and 10 am, I just decided to include it all in one post.  By consolidating, I don't have to get stuck with the "oh man, I missed the time frame!" bit.  This last hour was great.  I brewed myself a cup of tea and read.  :)  I hope everyone else is having a good day as well!

Hour 2 Mini Challenge: Back-in-the-day  Children's Book Mini Challenge
This mini challenge is hosted by Miss Wisabus.  I posted my response on her comments, but I wanted to reiterate it here, just to be consistent. 

What were some of your favorite children's books when you were younger?  Do you have any new favorites now that you're an adult?  Have you included any children's or YA titles in your Read-a-thon stack this year?

At first, I thought we were speaking of young children's books - like picture books.  So I thought of the books I've wanted to share with my niece:  The Rainbow Fish and Katy No Pockets.  Such cute stories!

The Rainbow FishKaty No-Pocket (Sandpiper)

As far as children's literature goes, my favorite book series was The Boxcar Children.  My mom started reading them to my siblings and me at bedtime when we were young.  Then, when I got older, I read every book in the series that I could get my hands on.  I don't even remember much about them now; I just remember loving them.

I did not include any YA fiction in my pile for today.  I've been reading a lot of YA fiction recently, but they weren't at the top of my list today.  

Hour 3 Mini Challenge: Six Word Celebration
Estella's Revenge is hosting the six word celebration challenge.  

Your challenge is to create a six word celebration of Dewey's Read-a-thon.
Here I go: Bloggers tackle the book pile enthusiastically!
Eh... probably not the best, but I want to get back to reading.  :)

Currently reading: Flowers on Main - Sherryl Woods
Pages: 30% finished (kindle)
Books finished: 0
Update time read: approximately 1 hour
Total time read: approximately 1 hour 25 minutes


  1. I'm a real YA addict so I would be immersed in my favourites today if I weren't being a cheerleader. I look forward to keeping track of your progress so I can add titles to my neverending to-read list.

  2. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a day...cup of tea & some good books. Just read Rainbow Fish too - aren't those pictures amazing? A good way to break up the reading a little I think... I'm looking forward to tracking your reading list today, too!

  3. I love Rainbow Fish too - happy reading!