Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Into Reading: Questions (3)

Goodness, it has been one crazy week.  I've had a friend's computer die - so I've been without a computer due to mine being on loan.  I am going crazy!  I have never realized how much I depend on my computer to connect with the world, even if it is to just check my email.   But I have been reading some recently, so I'll hopefully have some new reviews and such to post soon.  I'm sorry I dropped off the map for a bit - but I'm back and I hope everyone has had a great week of reading.

Callapidder Days is currently hosting the Fall Into Reading Challenge.  It is a self-set challenge in that each participant sets a goal for his/herself of the number of books to read during the fall season (Sept. 22-Dec. 20).  Then the participants post about the novels and progress as much or little as they want with a wrap-up post at the end.  Callapidder Days also hosts a weekly question about Fall Into Reading, as another way for us to connect and such.

This week's question:  Do you ever dog-ear the corners of book pages to mark your spot?  Or are you a faithful bookmark user, refusing to damage the pages of your books?  Or do you have another way to keep track of where you are in a book?

I have to admit that I am a dog-earer.  The majority of books that I read are mine so if I cannot find a piece of paper or something to keep my spot, I fold down the pages.  But I have to admit that I only fold the top bit.  When I get library books that have half of the page down and there is a crease down the middle of the page, that drives me up the wall.  That being said, when the book is someone else's book or a library book, I definitely use a piece of paper or something to keep track.  I used bookmarks as a child, but I lost them repeatedly so I finally just gave up.  Now I use whatever is handy - receipts, envelops, post-its, my phone, you know - just whatever.  To me, having some of the pages bent and the spine creased makes the book used and unique.  My favorite books are the ones that have been written in and read so many times they are almost falling apart.  I can't stand when my books have been spilled on, but just general wear-and-tear makes me love them all the more.

My progress:

My goal this fall is to read 50 books. I have posted the list here, but on these question posts, I also wanted to post something about my progress. I probably will not post a review about all of the books I read, so this is my virtual way of cross these books off of my list.  I did not finish as many as I wanted to this week, but it's a new week with more time for reading.  I'm currently reading Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs, and I'm about half way finished - so a review should be coming soon. 

Books Read so Far:
1. The Scarlet Pimpernel - Baronnes Emmuska Orczy (review)
2. Sooner or Later - Debbie Macomber
3. Evermore - Alysson Noel (review)
4. The Snow Bride - Debbie Macomber (review)
5. The Inn at Eagle Point - Sherryl Woods (review)
6. Harbor Lights - Sherryl Woods
7. She's Gone Country - Jane Porter (review)
8. Twenty Wishes - Debbie Macomber (review)

Bonus: (i.e. books not on my list, but that I've finished reading in this time period)
1. Flowers on Main - Sherryl Woods
2. On the Steamy Side - Louisa Edwards

Progress: 8 down, 42 to go
How about everyone else?  How are you progressing on the Fall Into Reading challenge, if you are participating?  How was your reading this week?


  1. Great post! You can read my answer at Hott Books
    My! You are really moving through that list!

  2. I completely agree with you about the dog-earing -- to just fold down the corner, not half the page!