Sunday, October 10, 2010

Findings of Note (4)

This week I'm a little late on my Saturday Situation/Findings of Note.  But since I had the Read-a-thon yesterday, I think I'm excused. 

Books of Note:
Despite lots of wonderful posting by my fellow bloggers, I only have one book of note for you guys (well, one I just found this week...) mostly because I forgot to write some of them down and because I have been busy reading wondering books.

Other (An Other Novel)
Other by Karen Kincy was introduced to me by Katelyn over at The Bookshelf Sophisticate.  She has a great review posted, and she convinced me to add it to my very large and growing TBR pile.

The other wonderful books I enjoyed this week I've either posted about or will review soon.  And I'll try to write the ones I find this week down so I can remember them for next Saturday.

Blogs of Note:
Since I've been nominated for a wonderful award, I will post later about some wonderful blogs I've been introduced to (that list of mine of posts-to-do is growing).  Because that will be coming soon, I am only going to post one new blog this week, as well as highlight some new giveaways I found.

The Bookshelf Sophisticate is a delightful blog written by Katelyn.  She reviews books often, and I have greatly enjoyed her insight into the many books she reviews.  She's a recently graduated English major who decided to start reading what she wanted and expressing her opinion about them.  I believe she reads mostly young adult fiction, but I could be wrong since I'm a new follower.

Debbie's Book Blog is hosting several new giveaways, and I thought I should highlight her blog again here.  I have also posted her button on my sidebar for this week.  She has author interviews posted as well as several copies of each book to giveaway.  Definitely something to check out.

Jessica over at Confessions of a Bookaholic also has some new giveaways.  I am continuing to have her button on my sidebar throughout October, because I think these giveaways are just too much to miss!

Pure Imagination

Lori over at Pure Imagination Blog  and Candance at Candance's Book Blog weekly host The Saturday Situation.  

Candace's Book Blog

Candance is hosting the Saturday Situation Giveaway this week, but Lori also has some great giveaways to check out.  I linked to her home page, as she has the giveaways linked at the top.  There are also links to great reviews and other giveaways through this weeks Saturday Situation. 

Happy Sunday and happy reading!

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