Friday, October 8, 2010

Enquiring Minds Want to Know (2) 

Enquiring Minds Want to Know is a weekly meme hosted by Dollycas's Thoughts on Thursday.  (Sorry I'm late!)  It is an attempt to help us bloggers and readers get to know one another.  Dollycas posts questions each week, and then she links up the different blogs here.

This week's questions:
1. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

No, I actually haven't started yet.  But I should!  This is my first year of Christmas as a full-fledged adult living on my own (I graduated college this year), so I know that I need to buy gifts in spurts so my budget will handle it ok.  I actually saw some things that reminded me of my good friend and I thought "Christmas!", so maybe I will start this week.  I just can't believe it's October!

2. Doctors are recommending that everyone get a flu shot this year, will you be getting one?

Absolutely!!  Since I work as a nurse, there is a great chance that I will taking care of patients with the flu.  For me, it's the only logical thing to do - start building my immunity to the flu up early - since I will be exposed to it either way.  And, if you want my advice, I would recommend everyone getting a flu shot - because it is enabling you to build your immunity at a time when you pick.  You can have time to be healthy, take some extra Vitamin C, and maybe get some extra rest instead of getting the flu when you "don't have time to be sick." (Which is what I always hear and end up saying when I am sick.  Illness always comes at the worst times!)  Those are just my two cents.  Moving on....

3. If you could have lunch with a Reality Show celebrity, who would it be?

At first, I was like Matthew Gray Gubler!  But then I re-read the question, and I realized it wasn't just any celebrity.  Bummer.... I could talk about Mr. Gubler there for a while....  Honestly, I don't really watch Reality TV, so I would probably say someone like the winner of The Next Food Network Star, so I could ask fun cooking questions.

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  1. Thanks for participating, sorry it took so long for me to visit. If you get a chance to read my Feel Good Friday post and you'll see what a crazy week we had.