Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Into Reading: Questions (2)

Fall Into Reading 2010 is a challenge hosted by Callapidder Days.  It is a self-set challenge in that each participant sets a goal for his/herself of the number of books to read during the fall season (Sept. 22-Dec. 20).  Then the participants post about the novels and progress as much or little as they want with a wrap-up post at the end.  Callapidder Days also hosts a weekly question about Fall Into Reading, as another way for us to connect and such.

This weeks question: Do you eat and/or drink while reading?  Or do you keep food and liquids away from your books?

Personally, I eat and drink during everything I do, reading is no exception.  I'll always munching on something, whether it be popcorn (not my favorite due to the grease factor - but sometimes I crave it), cereal, bread, candy, or whatever else is in my apartment.  Plus, I drink water and coke all the time, so chances are there is some glass of water (hopefully) somewhere close.  Now that fall and winter are coming, that glass of water is often times replaced with a hot cup of tea.   I've been known to spill a few times, but considering the amount of snacking I do when reading, I've destroyed very few books.  I think the snacking concept comes from nursing school when I never actually took a break to eat lunch/dinner/breakfast/snacks.  So reading just went along in the same mind set.

My progress:
My goal this fall is to read 50 books.  I have posted the list here, but on these question posts, I also wanted to post something about my progress.  I probably will not post a review about all of the books I read, so this is my virtual way of cross these books off of my list.

Books Read so Far:
1. The Scarlet Pimpernel - Baronnes Emmuska Orczy (review)
2. Sooner or Later - Debbie Macomber
3. Evermore - Alysson Noel (review)
4. The Snow Bride - Debbie Macomber
5. The Inn at Eagle Point - Sherryl Woods
6. Harbor Lights -  Sherryl Woods
7. She's Gone Country - Jane Porter (review)

Bonus: (i.e. books not on my list, but that I've finished reading in this time period)
1. Flowers on Main - Sherryl Woods
2. On the Steamy Side - Louisa Edwards

Progress: 7 down, 43 to go


  1. I either have a glass of water or a cuppa tea by me at all times, too!

    You've made a lot of progress so far. I thought I was being ambitious setting a goal of 25 books, but you beat me!

    I hope you are enjoying the Sherryl Woods books - I love her stories - quick and light!

    Here's my answer to the question this week.

  2. By the way - I'm a new follower - love your blog!

  3. Terrific answer. I love that you included your books in your post. It's something to think about.
    Visit me to see my response to the FIR Challenge Question

  4. Kristin, a woman after my own heart with a cup of tea by the book. :) I have loved Sherryl Woods. She's a new author to me, and I'm loving having a whole new group of books opened up and looking forward to read. Thanks for being a follower. I'm so glad you are enjoying the blog. Perhaps it's because I'm new to this, but I still get excited about each and every follower. :)

    Gina, I love including my books in the post, mostly because it's a virtual way of crossing them off my list. Something so satisfying about that. :)

    Thanks everyone for stopping by. Hope you have a great week of reading!