Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall Into Reading: Questions (1)

So I'm playing a bit of catch up this week.  I work nights, and this week I worked three in a row.  I tend to put life on hold when I work several shifts in a row, mostly because all I do is sleep and work.  But now I have five days off, so I'm excited to catch up and read, read, read!  Callapidder Days is hosting Fall Into Reading 2010, and each Tuesday she posts a question for us to share about our reading adventures.  Even though I'm a little late, I wanted to post anyway.

Question: What do you think about e-books?  Do you engage in e-reading or do you prefer to stick to good ol' physical books?

My answer: I have to say that I love e-books.  I own a kindle (a graduation present), and I aboslutely love it.  I can't read books on my computer as it ends up making my head hurt.  But the kindle is perfect for me in that there is no backing lighting.  Plus, it keeps my one lonely sad bookshelf from being completely overloaded and stuffed.   And I happen to be a choices type of person, so my kindle is perfect for traveling because I can take several books with me at once.  If you are a Gilmore Girls fan, there is an episdoe when Rory is trying to stuff all of her books into her backpack.  She takes a memoir, a fiction novel, a short stories book, a bus book, etc.  And while her mom is making fun of her, she says that she takes them all because she may not be in the mood for short stories or non-fiction.  That totally is me.  Though I only take one book to work with me, on a trip, I love options, especially if I am to finish a book anytime soon.  While I normally don't read more than one book at a time, picking out the next book is a bear!  So the long, short of it is: I love e-books.  But I still happen to buy physical books as well, especially if they are special to me.  I have my list of classics and favorite books on the top shelf of my bookshelf - and those are the ones where I have read them over and over again, and can hug them to myself and remember the good times with those favorite characters.  So no, I'm not ready to trade in my bookshelf for only my kindle.  But it does make my luggage a heck of a lot lighter!

My progress:
My goal this fall is to read 50 books.  I have posted the list here, but on these question posts, I also wanted to post something about my progress.  I probably will not post a review about all of the books I read, so this is my virtual way of cross these books off of my list. 

Books Read so Far:
1. The Scarlet Pimpernel - Baronnes Emmuska Orczy (review)
2. Sooner or Later - Debbie Macomber
3. Evermore - Alysson Noel (review to be posted soon)
4. The Snow Bride - Debbie Macomber
Progress: 4 down, 46 to go

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