Saturday, October 2, 2010

Findings of Note (3)

This Saturday, to my excitement, I found that the only things I have to do today is workout, read, and sleep!  Such fun.  So I'm catching up on my reading and decided to post some findings I've been keeping track of to share.

Saturday Situation is a weekly meme hosted by Lori at Pure Imagination and Candance at Candance's Book Blog.  They put together a post in which you can share your great reviews and post about giveaways to get the word out.  They keep put the post all week long, so it's a great way to share posts bloggers are really excited about and to find great giveaways.  I couldn't get the image to post, so sorry - this finding doesn't have a pretty picture.

Books of Note:
 Immortal Awakening
Immortal Awakening by K.C. Randall (linked to the Goodreads description) is another one of those books that had me at the cover.  I found it as I was browsing through blogs, and I instantly added it to my Goodreads TBR shelf.  The blog I happened upon was Once Upon a Twilight, a blog that is hosted by several women that alternate in posting reviews and thoughts on different books.  I have linked their review of Immortal Awakening, as they have read it and I have only gawked at the cover.

Nightshade by Adnrea Cremer (again linked to Goodreads) was also a find on my journey of blog browsing (probably at 2 am, when I do the best browsing).  Though the cover intrigued me, the description hooked me.  A novel about a female werewolf - simply sounds awesome to me.  Plus, I love novels that deal with the whole destiny vs. what you want dilemma.  Needless to say, it's added to my TBR list.  I can't wait to get my hands on it.  I found the book on Looksie Lovitz's blog, who has also reviewed it.

Blogs of Note:
So the more I get into this book blogging thing, the more I realize how big the book blogging world is.  I know, I know, I'm a little behind the times.  But I have just been getting so excited about not being the only person in the world who loves to read.  (It's so eye-opening realizing the world does not revolve around you.)  Anyway, so this week I found many, many blogs I wanted to feature.  Instead of making this post miles long, I decided to keep tract of the amazing blogs I found and feature a couple at a time.  I will probably make Findings of Note a Saturday thing (to go along with Saturday Situation), so I believe I will keep the buttons/links on my sidebar for approximately a week.  I'll see how it goes.
My Reading Room is a blog written by Crystal.  She regularly reviews fiction novels and (though I am a new follower) seems to have giveaways fairly often.  I stumbled upon her blog in the "Welcoming the Fall" giveaway, and I couldn't pass up a chance to follow her.  She's also the blog that introduced me to the "Fall Into Reading 2010" Challenge.  I've been impressed with her reviews, and I look forward to seeing what's she is reading and reviewing.

Jennie writes the book blog Life is Short. Read Fast.  She is a wife and mom who loves to read and enjoys blogging about the many books she reads.  She did an extensive group of posts honoring Banned Books Week, my favorite of which is her My Book Banning Rant, to which I want to yell, "Amen sister!" Anyway, I have been enjoying reading her blog, as it not only includes fun new books, but reviews of older books as well.

And though I featured Confessions of a Bookaholic last week, I wanted to post a little bit about her current feature: Haunted Halloween.  Though I hate Halloween with a passion, Jessica is having a pretty cool event to celebrate the month of October.  She is having stories and posts about different authors each day, as well as several giveaways throughout the month of October.  And the story today was written by none-other-than the author of Nightshade, my second book-of-note.  Even for a person who dislikes Halloween, I think that's pretty awesome.  I've posted the button on my sidebar.  But here is the link to Haunted Halloween hosted by Confessions of a Bookaholic and A Life Bound by Books.

And for other giveaways, I suggest clicking over to the  Saturday Situation where many, many giveaways will be listed.

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