Sunday, November 7, 2010

Enquiring Minds Want to Know (5)

Each week Dollycas's Thoughts hosts the meme "Enquiring Minds Want to Know."  She posts questions for us to answer each week in order for us bloggers and readers to get to know each other beyond our books.  She's decided to make it a weekend long meme so that those of us who get busy with life can also participate.  And this week, I'm especially happy that she made it a weekend long meme.  I'm so behind on my posting!  Check out her's and others answers here.

This week's questions:
Did you vote on Tuesday? 
No, sadly I actually didn't vote on Tuesday.  I recently moved, and I haven't moved my address, license tag, or my voter's registration.  It just came too quick!

Where do you get news about what's happening in the world? (Newspapers, Internet, Local Television Stations, Cable News, etc.)
I would have to say probably the internet.  I  don't really follow the news.  But I spend a lot of time on the Internet, and many times I catch things from my browsing (and from word of mouth).  I probably should start actually following what happens in the world.  But I just haven't gotten around to subscribing to the newspaper yet.
Do you read in bed before you go to sleep?
I actually don't read in bed before I go to sleep.  It's something I've never been able to get into.  Probably because if I did, I never would sleep.  I used to study in my bed in college, but now I only sleep or watch TV in bed.  I mostly like to read on the couch instead of in bed.
What about you?   

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