Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blue Moon

Blue Moon
Alyson Noel

284 pages
Rating: 4.5/5
Eager to learn everything she can about her new abilities as an Immortal, Ever turns to her beloved Damen to show her the way. But just as her powers are increasing, Damen’s are waning.  In an attempt to save him, Ever travels to the magical dimension of Summerland, where she learns the secrets of Damen’s tortured past; a past which he has always kept hidden from her. But in her quest to cure Damen, Ever discovers an ancient text that details the workings of time. Now Ever must chose between turning back the past and saving her family from the accident that claimed their lives—or staying in the present and saving Damen, who grows sicker every day... 

My Thoughts:
I have decided that this book and I have a love-hate relationship.  I've been thinking about how to review this book for the last hour and a half.  I still am having trouble figuring out what I think about the book.  But either way, I do know that the book was amazing.  Excuse the reference, but the book reminds me of the second book of the Twilight series, New Moon.  Oh, just realized they both have moon in the title.  Anyway, call me weird, but New Moon was my favorite of the Twilight series.  Though I really enjoyed Breaking Dawn, I read it so fast, I almost don't even remember what happened.  I've read New Moon many, many times.  And I feel that I may read Blue Moon over again as well.

I had some complications with Ever in the first novel.  Though I did not connect with her during the first novel, I did not have that problem in this novel.  I jumped into the novel and felt as though I knew Ever as a good friend.  Damen played a smaller part in the novel, which means I cannot fully form my opinion on him.  All I can say is that I do not understand their love and I don't have a crush on him like I do Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, Jack from Blue Bloods, and Thornton from North and South.  But that's just because I cannot get a sense of him.  I'll keep you updated of course.

But Ever, I have to say that I got a great sense of her.  I felt as though we could be best friends in real life.  I related to her well, and I felt as though I could have been her at times.  I related to the things she was going through, I felt the emotions she felt with the continued loss of her family, and I wanted to hit those who were mean to her.  (Read the story - you'll understand what I mean).  And, not completely unsurprising for me, I even cried in the book.  I got so involved in the story I took an extra long lunch break at work, and I read over half of it in one setting.  I was not excited about the story when I first got the book.  But there was so much more to the storyline that what I anticipated.    Noel's writing of Summerland and the fantasy surrounding her story were incredible.  At times, I could even picture how I would portray it in a movie.

Ultimately, I gave this story a 4.5/5 because I could see it becoming a favorite of mine.  It didn't get the 5 so much because I hate cut-off endings (hence the love/hate idea).  I felt that the novel should have gone on, but instead it was cut short due the it being in a series.  It's a personal pet-peeve of mine.  Once I have read the whole series, I may appreciate the ending more.  But I spent at least 10 minutes re-reading the ending going, "Wait, WHAT?!"  But believe me, Alyson Noel is now one of my favorite authors.  I believe this novel series that she has written shows incredible insight into teenagers and combines the reality of teenager emotion and feeling with a great fantasy story that is not too-far-out-there for the realistic mind.  I have made it a personal goal to read all the novels that she has written, and I just joined her email list.  Believe, I'm not normally obsessive.  But I really enjoyed the novel.  I would recommend Blue Moon and The Immortals series to anyone who enjoys young adult fiction.  I found that the second book in the series is definitely worth getting through the first novel, and I cannot wait to get my hands on the third one.  I am also excited to announce (my finding out at least) that the fifth book in the series (Night Star) will be released soon - in one week in fact.  Go to the links below to find out more info!

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The Immortals Series:
Blue Moon
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Night Star (to be released November 16th)

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