Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fall Into Reading: Questions (9)

Callapidder Days is currently hosting the Fall Into Reading Challenge.  It is a self-set challenge in that each participant sets a goal for his/herself of the number of books to read during the fall season (Sept. 22-Dec. 20).  Then the participants post about the novels and progress as much or little as they want with a wrap-up post at the end.  I have set a goal to read 50 books this fall.  You can read the full list here.  Callapidder Days also hosts a weekly question about Fall Into Reading, as another way for us to connect and such.

I can't believe that Fall Into Reading is almost over.  I gave up on finishing my list, especially since I sorta went MIA from the internet for several days.  But I have finished several books over the last couple of days, and I simply decided to include all books I read during this fall in my 50 books challenge.  I have had more fun that I could imagine doing this challenge, and I especially loved the weekly questions - as I felt they were a lot of fun and helped us get to know each other a little better.   I never really guess that people would read differently than me, but there are so many different ways to read.

Katrina decided to have several questions this week as a closer.  I will answer them all and try to be brief.  :)

1. Do you write in your books?
I have to say that sometimes I do write in my books.  It's a habit that I inherited from high school when I was studying literature and wrote notes in my books.  Now most of the writing I do is in classics when I'm attempting to really read and study the book.  I love to go back and reread my books to see the different notes I've written.  My handwriting and thoughts in high school were so cute.

2. Can you read in the car?
I can read in the car sometimes.  Sometimes it gives me a headache, but most of the time if I get to reading, I forget about the headache and get involved in the book.  I used to read all the time in the car when I was a kid.  We lived 30 minutes from everywhere, so most of my reading was in the car.  Now it's mostly when I'm on a road trip and someone else is driving (otherwise I listen to audiobooks).

3. Does the rest of your family enjoy reading?
Actually, my entire family loves to read except my brother.  We tease him about it mercilessly.  The family joke on Christmas is that we got him a book, as that's his idea of the worst present idea ever.  I learned to love to read when my mom started reading to me and my siblings as a child.  I'm grateful that my dad, sisters, and friends continued on with me and encouraged my love of read.

4. What’s the longest you’ve gone without reading?
Whew, a hard one for me.  I have to say that I've probably gone at least six months to a year without reading books for pleasure.  School did that to me in college, as I read so much nursing material that when I was off, all I wanted to do is sit on the couch, be a bum, and watch tv.  Now the most I go is probably just a day or two.

Normally I include something about my progress on Fall Into Reading, but I am going to save it for my final post.  I wanted to thank Katrina and everybody involved for making Fall into Reading so wonderful.  I truly enjoyed it and I can't wait until next year's challenges.  I got to meet some awesome people, and get to know many awesome people, new friends and old.  I'm excited to read everyone's wrap up posts!

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