Friday, December 24, 2010

2011 Challenges

As many of you can tell from my previous posts, I have decided to participate in several challenges.  I made individual posts, but thought I would summerize my goals for 2011 here.  I have picked 4 challenges (it was so hard) to participate (and not overdo) for 2011.  My ultimate goal is to read 100 books, and the other goals are about how I will make up those 100.  I will keep up with my progress on my Challenges page.

100+ Reading Challenge: Read 100 books in 2011
Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge: read 16+ books more than 2010 (total of 62 books in 2011)
Support Your Local Library Challenge: read 50 books from my local library in 2011
E-Book Reading Challenge: read 20 ebooks on my Kindle in 2011

Anyone else participating in challenges this year?

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