Saturday, March 12, 2011

Exciting Upcoming Book Happenings!

So, as almost all of us are aware, the book blogging world is a wonderful community that loves to share our love of books.  That being said, there are several upcoming book events that I am super excited about, and I hope I will have the chance to share with you.


First up is the Spring Reading Thing 2011, hosted by the wonderful Katrina at Callapidder Days.  She also hosted the Fall Into Reading last fall that I took part in, and it was one of my favorite events.  I'm excited to have a new "challenge" in which to participate and encourage/challenge myself to get (more) into reading this spring.  The challenge will run from March 20th through June 20thHere
are the details, and I believe Katrina will be having sign ups soon.  I will be posting my participation page at some point soon (I haven't picked out my books yet!).  Anyone else joining?

The next wonderful event going on is Dewey's 24-Hour Read-a-thon happening on April 9th.  This read-a-thon is hosted twice a year (spring and fall) and runs for 24 hours (duh).  During the read-a-thon, there are cheerleaders, mini-challenges, and best of all - lots of reading!  I participated in the fall as a reader, and this year I hope to take a bigger part in it (as last fast I found out about it like the day before).   It's incredibly fun.  A great way to get lots of reading done, as well as an awesome community event that makes you feel wonderful as you connect with other readers and bloggers.  Sign-ups are up here.  Plus, you can get buttons, browse through the previous event's posts, and find out more at the website here.

Are there any other spring or upcoming events happening?  Whose participating?  If you aren't, you should........

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