Thursday, March 17, 2011

Enquiring Minds Want to Know (16)

Each week Dollycas's Thoughts hosts the meme "Enquiring Minds Want to Know." She posts questions for us to answer each week in order for us bloggers and readers to get to know each other beyond our books.  Check out her's and others answers here.

1. What is your family background regarding nationality?
Though I know a little bit about my family's nationality, it's never been really important in my life.  My dad's heritage is English, and my mom's side of the family came from Norway.  Though, the neat thing about my mom's family is that my grandfather lived in North Dakota, the youngest of 8 (I believe).  He tells stories of digging tunnels to the bar in 7 feet of snow.

2. Have you ever eaten corned beef and cabbage, the traditionally meal of St. Patrick's Day or drank green colored beer?
That would be a negative on both accounts.  I've never actually celebrated St. Patty's Day.  And I'm only celebrating tonight with popcorn and basketball, as I have to work early tomorrow (really early as I don't normally work during the day).

3. St. Patrick's Day is celebrated in many cities in the U.S. and around the world, are there any celebrations happening near you?
You know, honestly I have no idea.  Sorry, I'm a bit too practical tonight with no celebrating.  I'm not even wearing green.  (Totally rocking red and blue in spirit of my Bruins - Belmont Bruins!)
Anybody enjoying St. Patty's Day more than me?  Hope you guys have (safe) fun!  Have one for me.  :)

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  1. Neat story about your grandfather!! I celebrated last night with Mountain Dew (the can is green) and Badger Basketball!! lol