Friday, January 21, 2011

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After
Susan May Warren
384 pages

God has answered Mona Reynolds's prayers and given her the opportunity of a lifetime: she is about to open her own bookstore-coffee shop, the Footstep of Heaven. Now Mona has no time for love and no hope that a man can ever be the hero of her dreams. But when she hires mysterious drifter Joe Michaels to be her handyman, she discovers that it isn't only in fairy tales that people live "happily ever after."

My Thoughts:
I got this book free on my kindle.  Ok, slight tangent here:  Does anyone feel the need to take advantage of free books, even though your TBR list is a mile long, and you may never read them?  I have to say that it's a bit of a compulsion for me.  I mean, they could only be free for a day.  I have to save that money!  But I have to say that as my kindle gets more and more crowded, it bothers me some.  I mean, when I am reading a couple books at once (which I seem to be doing of late), it often takes me forever to find the title I'm looking for through all my new downloads.  And it's frustrating having so many items on my kindle (over 187 - how cluttered!).  I have a blog that highlights free ebooks (Books on the Knob), and I also get a daily Kindle "newspaper" that features the free ones as well.  So you can see how my compulsion is fed.   At one point, I thought that those books offered free had to be bummers that simply hadn't done well.  But, I've found several books that I've read, and enjoyed greatly, free before.  So I had to adjust my thinking (which fueled my free ebook downloading habit even more).  Being a perfectionist and chronic list maker, I have to say that the lack of end to the books on my kindle and the continuous additions to an ever growing list of books to read stresses me out.  It puts me in a pickle.  Anyone else have this trouble or it is just me?

So despite the stress that free ebooks puts on my list making habits, I still tend to download free ebooks.  This one was a book I found before Christmas, and it is still featured as a free ebook at  (I am purely a Kindle user, so I am only familiar with Amazon.  I apologize Nook owners.)  I have to say that it was perfect for what I needed.  I read this book after reading The Hunger Games.  Though I loved The Hunger Games with all of my heart, I needed something light-hearted after being sucked into another, more-oppressive world.  This book was the perfect solution.

Happily Ever After was an adorable romance that, though it touched on some darker themes, generally stayed light and fun.  Mona and Joe were cute together, and I loved how they had little arguments and such going on.  Made for a fun romance.  The author also discusses some deeper things as she included the backgrounds of each character.  She writes a story of the need for forgiveness, and the peace and healing that can come when one accepts the forgiveness God has given them and releases guilt.

Overall, this novel was a cute, fun story.  It was a perfect light distraction from the darker, seriousness that can sometimes comes with life and in books.  I read it in one afternoon, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun, cute read.  If you have a kindle, definitely check it out.  It's worth the stress (or at least my stress) of a never-ending list of books.  Plus, it's free right now!
My Rating: 3/5

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  1. I do the same with the eBooks! It's a horrible thing -- I have more than 5100 eBooks and am pretty sure that 75% of them were free. Will I honestly read them? probably not -- I'm not even positive what they are any more.

    However, now that you've reviewed this I'll add move it out of my archives so I'll actually pick it up. Thanks a bunch!