Friday, January 21, 2011

Enquiring Minds Want to Know (12)

Each week Dollycas's Thoughts hosts the meme "Enquiring Minds Want to Know." She posts questions for us to answer each week in order for us bloggers and readers to get to know each other beyond our books.  Check out her's and others answers here.

1. What is the outside temperature where you are today?
My phone puts the temperature at 24 degrees right now, with about an inch of snow on the ground.  But the temperature is supposed to drop with it snowing all week.  (sweet!)

2. Do participate in any special winter sports or hobbies like skiing or snowmobiling, etc?
I don't participate in winter sports (or sports at all for that matter).  I would love to try snow skiing, as I love water skiing, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

3. If you had to choose between a week long stay in a mountain lodge with lots of snow, activities, friends, food and beverages or a week alone on a deserted white sand island with just a bag of books and food and water which would you choose?
Mountain Lodge!  Though the beach is nice, I love cold weather.  And the idea of a wonderful vacation (not counting cool places to go or anything) for me would be a snuggly lodge with snow outside, warm tea or hot chocolate inside, a great book, and fun friends/family.  My family actually did this a couple of years ago, rented a cabin and just hung out for several days.  It was wonderful.  I love curling up by the fire (gas or real, I don't care) with a cup of tea and a great book.  Or playing cards with family around the living room with the fire crackling in the background.  Sounds perfect.  Whose ready for vacation?  ME, ME!  

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  1. Your vacation sounds wonderful. We used to have one like that too when the children were small but now I just don't handle the cold as well. Staying in the lodge nice and warm would be great though.