Thursday, January 13, 2011

Enquiring Minds Want to Know (11)

Each week Dollycas's Thoughts hosts the meme "Enquiring Minds Want to Know." She posts questions for us to answer each week in order for us bloggers and readers to get to know each other beyond our books.  Check out her's and others answers here.  This week is on a bit of a heavy subject.  But as part of getting to know each other is seeing a reaction in a tragedy, I thought I would continue with meme this week as well.

1. Where were you/how did you hear about the tragedy in Tucson?
I believe I was at my parents' house and caught a glimpse at a newspaper.  You may dislike me for this thought process, but in the event of honesty, I am going to share my view.  I tend to not follow national news; in fact, I don't generally follow news much at all.  I grew up in Memphis, and so much of news from there (or almost anywhere these days) is so depressing and violent.  Because I work with death every day, I find that the last thing I want to do at the end of a work day is turn on the tv to watch more horrors.  Perhaps that is naive and shallow, but it's apart of a coping mechanism for me to be able to give myself completely to my job.  But back to the topic at hand, I drove back to Memphis a couple of days ago and glimpsed a newspaper (I don't receive one myself) that mentioned the tragedy.  I have only recently received most of the facts of the event.

2. Do you think it is the politicians and the news media that stir the pot to make these events more likely to happen?
I don't know that they make them more likely to happen, but I do believe that they make it worse when it does.  The most relevant thing I can speak of is 9-11, when I saw the event happen so many times on TV that I stopped crying at it.  That image is forever burned into my head (firstly, because of the horror) but mostly because it was reviewed and discussed relentlessly throughout the next few days.  It was a severe tragedy, but it's hard for me to believe that those who died are honored by the continued reliving and rehashing of the event.  I guess I wish things were handled a little more tastefully.

3. Do you think we will see any changes in the way our representatives in our home states or in Washington interact with their constituents/us?
I'm sure we will.  It may not be tomorrow, but just as airport security is still being affected, I think security in all places will be affected throughout the country.

I apologize for the seriousness of this post, simply because this is a hobby and generally a getaway for many people.  But I pray for those who are affected both directly and indirectly by such a tragedy.  Until next time.


  1. Hannah,
    Thank you so much for tackling these difficult questions and I TRULY UNDERSTAND your coping mechanism. I really tried to post goofy or upbeat questions but thought maybe talking about this a little bit helps us to cope ad move on. I promise next week, no difficult questions!!!


  2. I don't hate you at all for not watching the news. I don't want to read them either, partly because it's depressing and partly because it's boring. I know that sounds shallow, but I don't mean it to be.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.