Monday, April 4, 2011

What are you reading Monday? (10)

This week has been a bit of a crazy, exciting week.  I turned 23 (yah for birthdays!).  I also bought myself a HUGE birthday present in the form of my bedroom furniture.  I can't wait, but I'll show you pictures when it arrives.  I also went on a book buying spree, bought some awesome books.  Had a huge discussion with myself regarding whether or not I should be buying books-to-keep in hardback, paperback, or kindle. (Does anyone else feel like they don't actually "own" the book if they buy it on Kindle?  I just feel like I need a nice hard copy.)  I also hit sort of a reading funk where nothing sounded good, so I read a lot of fluff that looked cute.  Not the most memorable way of spending my reading hours, but it was fun nevertheless.  But because of my funk, I have no idea what I will be reading this week.  I know, I should be sticking to my schedule.  But I have so many options and nothing is standing out to me.  But anyway, here's the week's summery.   "It's Monday, What are you reading?" is hosted by One Person's Journey through a World of Books.  "In My Mailbox" is created by Kristi at The Story Siren.  I like to use a mix of the two.  (All links provided are to the book's Goodreads page.)

Books Finished This Week:

New Books:  (all bought at my local Barnes and Noble or Amazon on my Kindle)

Coming Up This Week:
Well, I can't really decide what to read next.  Here's some of my options, so tell me if there's anything wonderful I should pick up right now:
Any thoughts?  Anyone?  Ugh, what to read next is always my least favorite decision.  I get so excited about all these books when I buy them, then it's like I get home and can't decide.  I am grateful though to have so many good books to chose from.  How is everyone else's week looking?  I've visited some IMM since yesterday, and it looks like a great reading week coming up!

Don't forget to visit my Birthday Celebration Giveaway.  It ends on Thursday!  Oh and look at my awesome cake below.  My mom is incredible and tracked down a Baskin Robbins for my favorite kind of cake: ice cream cake!

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! Your cake looks wonderful! I gave up chocolate for lent and now I am counting down the days because I am dying for some!