Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday Update

So when I said in the last post that I would be back in a bit, I'm pretty sure I did not mean five days later.  :)  Things got a little crazy, so my blog suffered.  But I thought I would give a general update on the readathon and such, and then work on some reviews.  Since I did not get to do an IMM, I figured this would sort of suffice.

Firstly, Dewey's 24 hour readathon was fantastic.  I believe I read a total of 14 hours.  Sleep did end up beating me, but I still had fun the hours I was awake.  I also got to meet some awesome people and make some new blogger and book friends!  I'm definitely pro-twitter after that event.  I was also able to read several books, none of which I planned to read actually.  I have had some rough days at work, so I have been in a fluff reading stage.  Not always the most intellectual reading, but I do believe everyone needs a place for some fluff, fun, and romance.  So here's what I read during the readathon:
  • Something About You - Julie James
  • A Lot Like Love - Julie James
  • Just the Sexiest Man Alive - Julie James
  • Borrowed Stilettos - Rebecca Clark
Secondly, I have no forgotten about my month-long bday celebration.  Thanks to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday.  It was a wonderful birthday, and I'm happy to say that I still smile occasionally just from the idea that April is my month. 

That being said, my birthday giveaway week 2 is still going on.  Since I posted it late, I extended the time to Friday, April 15th (tomorrow) at 11:50 pm.  I will be posting the winner of the Week 1 giveaway soon.  Also, Birthday Giveaway Week 3 will be posted tomorrow morning and will run the following week until Thursday.  Hopefully, that made some sense.

In case it didn't, here's a summery:
  • Dewey's Readathon was awesome!
  • Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!
  • Birthday Giveaway Week 2 ends tomorrow night (April 15th) at 11:59 pm EST
  • Birthday Giveaway Week 1 winner will be posted shortly.
  • Birthday Giveaway Week 3 will be up tomorrow morning

Hope everyone is having a great week and enjoying lots of reading.

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